Why yoga in the workplace?

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As the founder of SECRET YOGA, I'm on a mission to get yoga into more lives to combat workplace stress and the aches caused by desk and screen work. 


Too often the current approach doesn't work; research shows that generalised head, neck and shoulder pain leads to at least 15% of all sick days with almost 50% of cases still present after 2 years. And as much as desk warriors often love the gym or to run or cycle, these activities don’t help those problems. In fact they can make them worse. And I haven’t mentioned back pain...


Yoga can help with all these issues but is often hard to access for busy people or perceived as elitist, a bit weird, overly time-consuming and ‘only for really flexible people…’. All of these are blockers to helping address the physical and mental strains of modern office with a toolset that's been making people feel better for thousands of years. So Secret Yoga was born - to sneak yoga into the workplace to gently disrupt static office culture and support healthy work/life integration. If you are working with Agile methods, yoga has many similarities that will resonate with your team.

Do get in touch to bring online yoga or short Yoga Intros courses to your team for a virtual event or on a regular basis.