Yoga can feel (and be) exclusive and look impossible. I work to contradict that wherever I can. I founded SECRET YOGA in 2017 with the vision of making yoga and its benefits more accessible, to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness and to remove the blockers that so often come up, especially the unhelpful notion that you need to be flexible to do yoga. 

My own yoga journey began when I found out very late in my second pregnancy that my son was the 'wrong' way round. In an effort to turn him I joined a pregnancy yoga class and tried gentle inversions...they failed but I was hooked! Baby yoga and then a regular practice followed. After nearly two decades of exploring many styles and forms of yoga, I qualified as a teacher in 2018. Since then I have attended further training, workshops and retreats, learning from many disciplines and styles but most often with a focus on evidence-based techniques and accessibility.

In addition to a regular weekly classes at the Unitarian Church Hall in Cambridge, I teach one to one and at events ranging from conferences to hen parties. Workplace Yoga, particularly for software teams, is something I have lots of experience of.  More details of the currents classes are here. 

I focus on the basics; alignment, breathing and focus so you learn to connect all three and support clearing the mind. I try hard not to assume any expertise or degree of flexibility; my yoga changes everyday and I want to support your freedom to choose and adapt your practice in the same way. 


Supporting your independence is central to what I do; whatever your level of experience, every posture will be adapted to work for you, giving you a solid start and a path to progress. 

Overall, the aim of each class is to restore and re-balance, providing you with the energy and calm that a holiday can bring in a 90 minute class. 

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask. I could talk about yoga all day...!


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