I had the idea for SECRET YOGA through the experience of using yoga stretches, meditation and breathing to help software and project teams cope better with the physical and mental stresses of deadlines and desk work.


My own yoga journey began when I found out late in my second pregnancy that my son was the 'wrong' way round. In an effort to turn him I joined a pregnancy yoga class and tried gentle inversions...they failed but I was hooked! Baby yoga and then a regular practise followed. After nearly two decades of exploring many styles and forms of yoga, I qualified as a teacher in 2018 and now teach weekly in Cambridge.

Combining a career in IT and raising a family came with many challenges and finding a tiny bit of time to breath and stretch was vital. I don't know how people don't do yoga, it's saved my life so many times. And although the benefits are obvious to some, there are many blockers to starting and building a practice - and this is my mission - to make yoga accessible and remove as many of the barriers as I can to get you started on your yoga journey. I'd love to hear from you.