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Tuesdays 18:30pm UK time

£5 for a 60 minute Zoom class

Build strength and flexibility in mind and body



"I joined Secret Yoga a few months ago as a total beginner and I haven't looked back.  Emma creates such a lovely atmosphere in the classes - always providing various options for the different poses and never making you feel like you 'should' be able to do something a certain way, but always encouraging you to challenge yourself and give things a try.  It's a very supportive, friendly and non-judgemental group, with a wide range of ages and abilities.  I really enjoy the fact that each class is creative and different, and Emma clearly puts in a lot of effort to think of varying themes or focuses for the week, and always explains the theory behind what we're doing.  Since I started yoga, I've felt much more in tune with and loving of my body, and it's an oasis of calm for my mind too.  That's all thanks to Emma's approach - I highly recommend coming along.

Emily, Cambridge

About Secret Yoga

Based in Cambridge, I'm an independent Yoga teacher working to make yoga accessible wherever you are and whatever you know. Founded in 2017, I teach at events and conferences, for corporate teams to support workplace well-being and, currently, an open public class online every Tuesday evening. 

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Emma Hood - yoga teacher and student

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